Diamond Risk Insurance Bank (DIB )

2-4% of all trading fees are stored in the Diamond Risk Insurance Bank which helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.
  • DIB stands for Diamond Rick Insurance Bank, which is a private wallet to provides finance for important functions and sustainable development of DiamondLock.
  • DIB has the function of partially providing financial support for DAP. DIB also plays an important role in regulating the price of tokens in the market when the value of $DML suddenly plummets, helping to re-establish the value of $DML on the exchange.
  • The DIB will be used to support the development of DiamondLock's future products and services. This will expand the scope and related services of the DAP.
  • DIB will also support DiamondLock's marketing expenses.
Along with that, in a certain period of time, a small part of the finance in the DIB will be transferred to a public wallet that functions as a reward wallet for diamond mining on the mobile platform developed by DiamondLock.
Diamond Risk Insurance Bank keeps holders safe by:
  • Avoiding flash dump through price stability.
  • Achieving long-term sustainability and future growth of the DiamondLock Protocol.
  • Greatly reducing downside risk.